Workplace Wellness Trainings

Our trainings are tailored to meet the needs of our client's. Our goal is to improve the social and emotional wellness of staff and the clients that they serve. 82% of training participants who completed our mindfulness based training feedback survey expressed wanting additional social emotional supports.
Introduction to Mindfulness
Together we learn what mindfulness is and ways to practice. We learn the importance of creating daily routines that incorporate the 4 pillars of mindfulness breath work, affirmation, meditation and manifestation. Participants learn how to self regulate and be more aware of self and others.
Breath Work and Meditation
Learn the purpose of breath work and meditation along with practical strategies to begin or add to your current practice as a means so self regulation and to enhance focus and attention skills.
Self Care & Mindfulness
Self Care is a radical act of love! We walk participants through the steps to imagine and create the life that they want and we outline the most effective strategies to assist in the process. We teach the art of manifestation and how to implement to achieve personal and professional satisfaction.
The Mindful Art of Compassion Building
Compassion for others begins with compassion for ones self first. We cannot begin to address the biggest barrier to effective communication due to our inability to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes", without really sitting with our own shoes. This workshop will allow for participants to honor their own personal journey. In doing so, one recognizes the strength in the journey of others, knowing intrinsically all of our experiences or lack thereof offer us insight and are the foundation of our interactions with others. Participants will learn to meet every interaction in life from this place of understanding.
Workplace Fatigue and Burnout Prevention
This training will address the issue of secondary trauma for those in the helping professions and burn out by providing techniques for self care. Our time will focus on the common health and emotional concerns high performing professionals face and how to use mindfulness and meditation as a strategy to ease them.
The Power of Relationships
Positive interpersonal relationships are the cornerstone to any successful intervention. It is imperative that people feel that they matter. Yet it is often just assumed that staff already know how to make these crucial connections with the people they serve and one another. In this session, participants will learn new approaches for establishing and maintaining connected relationships with clients and coworkers.
Trauma Informed Mindfulness
Trauma-informed mindfulness practice focuses on calming the mind to help staff, focus and self-regulate. This experiential training provides activities and resources to bring back to the workplace, interventions including body scanning, awareness of breath, and intentional awareness meditations.
Challenging Interventions for Challenging Behaviors
This workshop will provide people who serve at risk populations that may present challenging behaviors with the techniques to understand, prevent, manage, and change those behaviors. Participants in this workshop will walk away feeling like they are better able to deal with challenging students, families and coworkers effectively.
Inner Child Healing & Mindfulness
The inner child is the child-like behaviors that exist in our sub conscious. This training discusses the barriers that a wounded inner child can present in conducting healthy interpersonal interactions in the workplace. We provide and practice strategies for participants to implement for themselves when challenging situations arise.


All workshops range from 1-2 hours in length.
Choose 3 topics for full day training.