Mindfulness, DEI & Restoration

For some time, sociologists have found that while overt racist acts might have receded, bias in the workplace persists in subtle, unproductive and even harmful ways. These tend to be acts where the victim cannot be certain there was any racial motivation. For example, a person’s opinion seems to be ignored more frequently, they do not seem to be praised for good work, they get challenging comments about their religion or background or they have their authority questioned. Such acts become part of the workplace culture and signal to the victim that he or she does not truly fit in.

Privilege and bias in the workplace are not just a by product of an individuals beliefs but also manifests in policies, practices and behaviors. This creates work culture. Our focus is not on extinguishing employees unconscious thoughts, but on nurturing ethical, compassionate, and inclusive behaviors with the use of mindfulness and compassion building strategies. This means focusing on both employees’ attitudes, and on organizational policies and systems, as these play the key role creating the conditions that entice employees (and leaders) to behave in more or less inclusive ways.

Our chief strategy to combat privilege and bias in the workplace is Compassion Building.

Racism & Compassion Building: The Mindful Art of Creating Understanding & Healing, a 4 module program that covers the following topics:

I. Uncovering Implicit Bias & Privilege 

II. An Introduction to Mindful Practice

III. The Art of Compassion Building

IV. Real Life Application & Assessment



When conflict happens in the workplace or if individuals feel harmed at work, relationships are broken and teams suffer. Restorative Workplace Circles can be used within the workplace both to prevent communication breakdown, mistrust, etc. but also to address challenging conversations when personality clashes impede on productivity. Understanding our own boundaries, areas of challenge and grace for ourselves and others are at the core of our restorative circles. These skills enable teams to work together with the overall organizational goal in mind.

Our Restorative Healing Circles are 3 hour safe space for all parties to be and feel heard with the intention to resolve conflict, begin the healing process and to create a plan for a productive relationship.

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