In the Midst: Women in the Workplace Wellness Retreat

The Mindful Institute

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The in the Midst: Women in the Workplace Wellness Retreat is an experience that centers professional women in WNY.
The last 2 years have been riddled with uncertainty and chaos. Women, and more specifically women of color, working mothers and caregivers, have had to balance workplace productivity, working from home, in some cases unemployment, remote learning, homeschooling, being first responders, essential workers, business downturns and so much more. Many women are battling depression, burnout, anxiety, and trauma all while being the life line to all that surrounds her.
While we are clear that these woes can not be completely eradicated for a lifetime, it would be our pleasure to support them with holistic strategies, coping mechanisms and a mindset shift that help manage overwhelming moments, support mental health, productivity and aid in restoration
Join us June 11th at the Innovation Center of Buffalo located at 640 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY. 


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